LOCAL HEROES: How Two Off Duty State Troopers Saved a Child’s Life

Over the weekend, a facebook post from the Georgia Department of Public Safety started making the rounds and catching the state’s attention – and for good reason.

While off duty, two local Georgia State Patrol Troopers, TFC Brian Palmer and TFC Walt Landrum, each received phone calls about a child sitting in the middle of a four lane road.  Trooper Landrum happened to be working in his yard and was able to respond to the scene in his patrol car.

Witnesses say that when the troopers arrived, the two year old immediately ran up to Trooper Landrum and eventually fell asleep in his arms while the Department of Family and Children Services responded to the scene.

The investigation determined that the child had been left at home with other children while the parents were at work and had wandered approximately 3/4 of a mile from home before being discovered.

This is the second case of a child wandering from home in southwest Georgia recently.  Last week, WALB published a news story about a 2 year old who wandered away from home around midnight.  In that story, the mother left the toddler with an older sibling.



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