Bainbridge company featured in industry magazine about making products for PepsiCo

News word of red three-dimensional letters.

A Bainbridge company, Danimer Scientific, was recently featured in a plastics industry magazine about its work with PepsiCo to provide it with 100 percent biodegradable plastic resins for its food packaging.

Garry Kohl, senior director R&D, snacks category, global packaging innovation – ‎PepsiCo, detailed a startling goal at last month’s The Packaging Conference when discussing specific Frito-Lay initiatives to develop packaging that’s better for the environment.

Kohl told the audience that the company’s “Holy Grail” quest of a 100% biodegradable film was made possible by incorporating polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a naturally occurring polyester, into the flexible packaging structure (shown above).

The Plastics Today article also features an interview with Richard Ivey Jr., marketing manager for Danimer Scientific, who talks about what is driving the food industry’s demand for biodegradable plastics.

Read more at Plastics Today

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