Hurricane Irma SWGA Update (Friday 5:30 a.m.)

Main Points:

  • Uncertainty remains in the future track of Irma. The center could track anywhere in the cone of uncertainty. A track further west than center line could have large changes to the current forecast.
  • On the current track, sustained tropical storm force winds will be most likely across south central Georgia and the eastern Florida Big Bend counties. West of this area, tropical storm force winds (mainly in gusts) will be possible.
  • The earliest onset of tropical storm force winds noted above is Sunday afternoon across the Florida Big Bend counties spreading northwest Sunday night.
  • Rainfall amounts have increased as well. Average amounts of 2-4 inches across southwest Georgia, southeast Alabama, and western Florida Big Bend counties; east of this area rainfall amounts on average of 4-6 inches include south central Georgia and the eastern Florida Big Bend. Locally heavier amounts is possible.


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