BPS: Traffic Stop Leads to Meth Arrests

Bainbridge Public Safety made two arrests for possession of methamphetamine after a late night traffic stop resulted in the discovery of the drug.

According to the incident report, around 2:40 a.m. Monday morning, BPS Officer Ronald McMillan was patrolling Vada Road in Bainbridge when he observed a black GMC Envoy cross the white fog line several times.  Suspecting the driver may have been under the influence, PSO McMillan initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle.  As PSO McMillan made contact with the driver, he detected the the odor of alcohol and asked the driver, Timothy Adams, to step out of the vehicle.

While McMillan was speaking with the driver, PSO Jayson Myers made contact with the female passenger, Susan Garner.  Myers discovered two open beer cans, one of which was cold to the touch.  At that point, the driver admitted he was “sipping on the beer on the way back from Marianna”.

Officer McMillan asked Adams for consent to search the vehicle.  He stated the vehicle didn’t belong to him and pointed to Garner.  Garner stated there was nothing illegal in the vehicle, but she would rather not give consent for it to be searched.  At that time, PSO Myers advised that Officer Kenzo, his K9, was going to perform an “open air search” around the vehicle to detect the presence of drugs.  Kenzo alerted near the vehicle giving the officers probable cause to search the car.

During the search, Officer Jayson Myers located a substance he believed to be methamphatamine and Officer McMillan placed Adams in handcuffs, while Officer Myers did the same to Garner.

Timothy Adams was arrested for driving while license suspended, failure to maintain lane, open container, possession of methamphetamine with intent, and possession of drug related objects.

Susan Garner was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent and possession of drug related objects.


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