Coastal Solar Shines at Festival

Coastal Solar Shines at Festival as Thousands Learn about Alternative Energy Options for Their Homes, Farms and Businesses

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Named a ‘Top 20’ event by the Southeast Tourism Society, the festival featured the usual array of activities and fun for all ages and interests. Music, cooking, onion eating contests, air shows, outdoor movies, street dancing, and more.

Another ‘array’ made its first public appearance ever, courtesy of Georgia’s own Coastal Solar, a solar energy solutions company. As part of their inaugural appearance at the festival, Coastal Solar performed live demonstrations of ‘The Unit,’ the solar industry’s first ever mobile solar panel array.

The Unit was created for two reasons. First, it helps farmers save on energy costs through solar power. Before The Unit, solar energy simply wasn’t realistic for many farmers because their electricity usage happens at season-specific locations. Essential functions such as irrigation, certain forms of processing (like cotton gins) and cold storage don’t get used year round, but when they do, it happens simultaneously and sometimes miles apart.


The Unit cuts their electricity costs by tapping the sun’s energy where their farm needs it most. Then, when that task is complete, The Unit can be moved to provide power for other tasks. It’s a brand new concept – solar flexibility for agricultural electricity needs.

Second, The Unit gives farmers a way to avoid the unpleasant reality of load management. This is when peak power demands strain the electric grid, and the utility is forced to cut power temporarily to certain segments. Oftentimes, this burden falls on farms. When these unplanned power cuts happen at the wrong time, they can interrupt critical processes that support the livelihood of crops, farmers, and the consumers who depend on them.

With the aid of battery backups, The Unit can store up solar energy and then use it during these temporary brownouts, which occur most often in summer months between 2 – 7 pm.

In addition to The Unit, Coastal Solar held their first ever sweepstakes giveaway. Over $10,000 in prizes were awarded including Benelli shotguns, Bahamas cruises, and cash.

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