Explosion at Isaacs Bakery; No Injuries

There was an explosion at Isaacs Bakery on Wednesday afternoon in downtown Bainbridge.  According to officials, there were no injuries.

According to Julie Harris, Public Information Officer for the City of Bainbridge, an oven exploded leaving two occupants in the building’s kitchen covered in white powder. Thankfully, there were no injuries and no other people in the building.

On the scene, officers with Bainbridge Public Safety could be seen checking neighboring buildings while officials with the City’s Utilities Department were on scene to evaluate gas lines.

Bainbridge Public Safety posted the following to their facebook page shortly after the incident:

“A gas oven explosion was reported at Isaacs Bakery at 2:45pm leaving employees covered in a white powdery substance. No injuries were reported. The area around the bakery is blocked at this time while the situation is being assessed. We will post updates as they become available.”

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