Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports for Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The following arrests and citations were reported by the Decatur County Jail. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by the Decatur County Jail:

  • Thomas Leonard Kirksey III, 25, Johnny Skipper Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Probation Violation o/c Reckless Driving; Gale, DESO
  • Shannon Bernard Madge, 29, Spruce Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Criminal Damage to Property – 2nd Degree; Hughes, BPS
  • Kenneth Dewayne Osborne, 38, Circle Drive, Bainbridge, Ga, Probation Violation o/c Driving without a License; Akins, BPS
  • Lenorris Benard Smith, 41, North Sims Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Theft by Taking (Five Counts), Violation of Window Tint Law; Miller, BPS
  • Tevin Terrell Gaines, 23, Dupree Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Obstruction or Hindering LE Officers, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked; Miller, BPS
  • Alejandro Alcantar Acosta, 37, North Miller Avenue, Bainbridge, Ga, Driving without Valid License, Seat Belt Violation; Akins, BPS
  • Gerald Banks, 39, Wautaga Road, Attapulgus, Ga, Open Container; Richardson, BPS
  • Jamichael Lakieth McCants, 34, Love Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Criminal Trespass; Akins, BPS
  • Rodney Rodriquez Glenn, 23, Water Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Controlled Substance – Possession of Marijuana; Akins, BPS
  • Jackie Delane Coker, 64, North Brooks, Pontotoc, Mississippi, DUI – 1st Offense; Snider, BPS
  • Angel Vickers, 26, Palmetto Street, Bainbridge, Ga, Affray, Disorderly Conduct; Akins, BPS
  • Rebecca Marie Mclendon, 27, Kelly Road, Bainbridge, Ga, Theft by Shoplifting; Shaw, BPS

BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety

GSP = Georgia State Patrol

SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

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