BPS: Two Arrested for Loitering or Prowling

On Monday September 2, Raul and Ruben Villegas were arrested for Loitering or Prowling, by Bainbridge Public Safety.

Gilberto and Jose Lucas explained in the report that two hispanics, Raul and Ruben, tried to break into their van. While one knocked on the door, the other one tried to break into the car. Also according to the report Raul had a tool in his hand.

Gilberto stated that when Raul heard him say he was calling the police, they took off on foot. Gilberto stated that if he saw them again he could identify them.

PSO Akins advised other units to be on the lookout for the two hispanic males, and Captain Hurst located them on Japonica Street. PSO Akins took Raul and Ruben into investigative custody, and took them back to the residence to do a physical line-up. Gilberto and Jose instantly said they were the two guys in their yard.

PSO Akins placed Raul and Ruben under arrest and they were both charged with Loitering or Prowling.


Written By: Briana Mills


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