Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Recovers Stolen Motorcycles

During a hit and run investigation involving a stolen motorcycle last week, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office recovered four additional stolen bikes and identified a suspect.

According to Lt. Brian Donalson, Supervisor of the Criminal Investigations Division and the Career Criminals Unit with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Investigator Robert Humphrey was able to use witness statements to identify a white male that was driving a stolen motorcycle and left the scene of an accident on Lake Douglas Road, south of Bainbridge last week.

During the course of that investigation, the DCSO was able to obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect and served it at a known residence of his on Davis Lane in Decatur County.  When officers arrived to arrest the suspect, they conducted a sweep of the area to make sure he wasn’t hiding outside of the residence.  Investigators Jason Williams and Justin Bedwell searched a shop on the property and discovered four motorcycles on the premises.  Unfortunately, the wanted person was not located.

The Davis Lane property was not owned by the suspect, but the property owner did confirm that the suspect sometimes performed automotive work there and told investigators that the motorcycles belonged the suspect.  After checking the VIN on each bike, it was determined that the motorcycles were reported as stolen from Florida.

At this time, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office is not releasing the identity of the suspect.  An arrest warrant has been issued and the motorcycle owners have been identified.

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