Cohen, Bell Named 2016 Ag Man and Woman of the Year

At the 2016 Ag Appreciation Luncheon, the Bainbridge – Decatur County Chamber of Commerce honored Robert Cohen and Emma Jean Bell as Ag Man and Woman of the Year.

Mr Cohen was introduced by Tommy Dollar and Mrs Bell was introduced by her granddaughter, Lindsey Bell Hayes.

Jerry Long, the Chairman of the Georgia Farm Bureau, was the keynote speaker for the annual event and spoke on the importance of agriculture and its impact on the southwest Georgia economy. Specifically, Mr Long mentioned the current lawsuit in the United States Supreme Court between the states of Florida and Georgia over the usage of water. In the suit, Florida alleges (among other things) that southwest Georgia has 90,000 acres of non permitted irrigation. Governor Deal has appointed a task force to investigate the claim and nominated Mr Long to participate.

The Ag Luncheon is an annual event put on by the Chamber to honor the farmers and the agriculture industry in Decatur County and southwest Georgia.

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