Store owner catches kids who took dirt bike for joyride

Two boys, aged 13 and 14, were arrested by Bainbridge police Wednesday after they allegedly stole a dirt bike from a business and took it on a joyride.

According to Bainbridge Public Safety, City Pawn Shop on Shotwell Street had a dirt bike valued at approximately $3,000 parked outside the front of its store to display during business hours.

At about 4 p.m. Wednesday, a customer came into City Pawn Shop and inquired about the dirt bike that he had seen earlier in the morning. The customer said the bike was no longer there and was wondering if it had been sold.

In fact, it had not been sold and the pawn shop’s employees were alarmed to find out the bike was no longer outside. One of the employees, Ryan Shirley, got in his Jeep and began looking for the missing dirt bike. About a block east and a block south, Shirley saw the bike on Collier Street, with two boys standing next to it trying to crank it.

When the boys spotted Shirley, they abandoned the dirt bike and took off running in separate directions. Bainbridge Public Safety officers used the descriptions of the boys that Shirley provided and arrested two juvenile boys a short time later.

Both boys are charged with felony theft by taking.

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Other incidents reported

Other incidents reported:

  • The owner of Zip Trip, 1006 E. River Road, reported that a semi-trailer truck struck a shelter over the gas pumps, damaging it, on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 10.
  • Monday, Nov. 9, a farm equipment dealership on Dothan Road in Bainbridge reported that two zero-turn mowers were stolen from its property. Together, the value of the mowers was almost $10,000.
  • Monday, Nov. 9: a burglary was reported at a church on Vada Road in Bainbridge.
  • Sunday, Nov. 8, Someone broke into an auto parked on the 1800 block of Mildred Street in West Bainbridge and stole a purse.

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