Bainbridge officer revives man who had no signs of life

Sgt. David Cutchin Bainbridge Public Safety
Sgt. David Cutchin Bainbridge Public Safety
Sgt. David Cutchin Bainbridge Public Safety

A Bainbridge Public Safety officer is credited with helping resuscitate a man who may have had a heart attack on the evening of Sunday, June 8, according to an incident report.

Sgt. David Cutchin of Bainbridge Public Safety, who is also trained as an emergency medical technician, was patrolling Sunday at around 5:30 p.m. when he heard Decatur-Grady E-911 dispatch EMS to a report of a unresponsive male.

Sgt. Cutchin was close by to the residence where the unresponsive male was located, on the 1500 block of Broughton Street in Bainbridge, so he responded. Cutchin went inside the home and found the 65-year-old victim lying on the floor in a bedroom. The officer dragged the victim into a hallway and after checking, found that the victim was not breathing and did not have a pulse.

Cutchin assembled a bag valve mask, which is used to help people breathe, and instructed the victim’s wife on its usage. Cutchin told E-911 that CPR was in progress. As Cutchin applied CPR compressions on the victim’s chest, the victim’s wife used the bag valve mask to help restore breathing.

A few minutes later, EMS arrived and took over the care of the victim. Bainbridge Public Safety officers Jared Long and Sgt. Ray Cox arrived and assisted in bringing in a stretcher and moving furniture around so that EMS could treat and transport the patient.

The victim was transported to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital in Bainbridge, where he was treated further.

EMS staff told BPS officers that Sgt. Cutchin and the victim’s wife teaming up on CPR is what made the victim start breathing again.

Update: The victim, Robert Robinson, was the longtime custodian at Bainbridge First Baptist Church, according to music minister Art Bruce. Sadly, Mr. Robinson passed away at Memorial Hospital later on Sunday, according to Bruce. Guyton Brothers Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Cutchin, a veteran Public Safety officer, is a Fall 2013 graduate of Bainbridge State College’s Advanced Medical Technology program. While on patrol in January 2013, Sgt. Cutchin discovered a suspected dogfighting operation on Columbia and Love streets in Bainbridge that led to more than 40 dogs being rescued.


  1. Thank God he was there…..
    And thank God for my son and all other nurses who do this every day without any recognition…..

  2. Nicely done Sgt. Cutchins and thank you to EMS (2 crews responded to this call) for what u do ! People seem to forget that!

  3. Thanks to efforts of Sgt. Cutchin and Decatur County EMS team. Robert Robinson, recently retired custodian at First Baptist Church was declared deceased at Memorial Hospital on Sunday evening. Pray for his family and friends. Guyton Brothers Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

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