City of Bainbridge Unveils New Logo, Branding


The City of Bainbridge is pleased to introduce a new logo design which was created to build a unified vision, generate fresh activity, and communicate progress and excitement.

The new city logo, which was unveiled at the Mayor and City Council Retreat in May, will be used throughout all city departments. The colors in the logo complement the newly established Bainbridge-Decatur County Recreation Authority logo, as well as the existing Downtown Bainbridge logo.

The premier asset of Bainbridge is the beautiful Flint River, and the new logo incorporates a representation of the river. The logo will be used on all items associated with the city including signage, vehicles, and equipment.

Six water tanks located within the Bainbridge city limits are included in the new Tank Maintenance Program and will be undergoing repair, maintenance, and repainting over the next ten years. Currently three of the tanks have been repaired and repainted with the new city logo. Additionally, the tank located beside Centennial Football Field also features the Bainbridge High School logo.

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