Suspicious Activity in Downtown Bainbridge Leads to Drug Bust

On Monday, August 15, Bainbridge Public Safety responded to a call about suspicious activity that led to a drug bust.

According to the incident report, two officers received a phone call about suspicious activity in the parking lot behind the Sweet Spot in downtown Bainbridge. When Officers Jonathan Greene and Chris Avery arrived at the scene, PSO Greene observed a small four door car occupied by a male subject. The car was later described as a burgundy 2001 Honda Accord.

The Investigation by Officers Greene and Avery

PSO Greene exited the patrol car and made contact with the subject identified as Andre Kinder. Kinder was sitting in the driver’s seat and Officer Greene asked him what he was doing parked behind the Sweet Spot. Kinder stated he was using the internet. Greene asked Kinder for his driver’s license and ran his information through Decatur / Grady E-911. Operators advised that Kinder’s license was suspended with a lifetime suspension. According to the report, as Kinder was being questioned by officers, he was acting very nervous. He reached for the keys several times as if he was going to start the vehicle. Kinder also admitted to driving the vehicle on roadways and parking behind the business.

PSO Avery advised Kinder to step out of the vehicle.  When PSO Avery asked for consent to search the vehicle, Kinder stated he did not mind, but the car belonged to his sister. Officers advised Kinder that he was in possession of the vehicle, therefore it was his decision to make. Avery asked again for consent to search the vehicle and Kinder stated, “I already said yeah, I don’t care.”

Searching The Car

PSO Greene began to search the car, and as he was doing so, Kinder began looking in the rear window to observe where the officer was searching. Kinder again began acting very nervous, pacing back and forth, and placing his hands on his head in a worried manner. In the search of the vehicle, under the driver’s seat, PSO Greene found a small green zip lock “baggie” containing a white powdery substance, suspected to be cocaine. Greene advised Avery what he found, and Avery secured it in the front of the patrol car. No other contraband was found in the vehicle.


Kinder was immediately placed in handcuffs after Greene found the “baggie”, and placed in the back of the patrol car. Kinder was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance, and transported to Bainbridge Public Safety Headquarters for the arrest booking process.


Story written by Briana Mills.

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