Counterfeit Money Making Rounds in Bainbridge

According to police reports from Bainbridge Public Safety, counterfeit money is being distributed at Bainbridge area stores.

On Tuesday, March 8, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Strickland responded to the Kangaroo Express on Tallahassee Highway in Bainbridge in reference to counterfeit money.  According to the store manager, two black males entered the store and attempted to pass off two counterfeit $10 bills.  After the clerk performed a “pen test” and informed the men that the bills were fake, the two suspects stated they had originally gotten the bills from Walmart.  The suspects then stated that they would go to Walmart in order to “get a Walmart employee to contact the Kangaroo Express to prove no intent of defrauding…(BPS Report)”.  The store never received that call.

As PSO Strickland was speaking with the store manager, a customer stated that he found two $20 bills on the ground near pump seven.  The store manager informed Bainbridge Public Safety that the suspects had parked their black Honda Accord at Pump 7.

Later, while PSO Strickland was completing his report at Bainbridge Public Safety headquarters, BPS Sgt Ray Cox told PSO Strickland that two suspects matching those in the Tallahassee Highway Kangaroo incident had attempted to use a $10 counterfeit bill at the Kangaroo on East Shotwell Street.  At about 2:15 p.m. that same day, an unknown black male wearing a white shirt and white Chicago Bulls hat attempted to make a purchase at the East Shotwell Street Kangaroo location with a fraudulent $20 bill.  The clerk performed the pen test, revealed the money as counterfeit and informed the customer.  The suspect then demanded the money back, but when the clerk refused, “he fled the store and drove away in an older model black in color 4 door Honda Accord (BPS Report).”

The case has now been turned over to Bainbridge Public Safety investigators.

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