Fist Fight Leads to a Hospital Visit, Arrests

On Wednesday, August 3, Bainbridge Public Safety arrested two men after a fight led to a hospital visit.

According to the incident report, two men, Daniel Hicks and Brandon Thornton, were arguing over a debt owed to Jalisa Cox.

The two men tell different stories about what happened:

Hicks advised they were near the road of the residence and Thornton hit Hicks in the head with what he thought was a brick. Hicks went unconscious and did not remember anything else except for someone helping him walk inside.  During the interview, Public Safety Officer Jessica Richardson did observe a laceration on the back of Hicks’ head, however she could not tell how deep or big the laceration was. Hicks was taken to the hospital by EMS to see about his injury.

Later, Richardson made contact with Thornton as he was walking down Green Street. Thornton stated that Hicks and Cox were arguing about money, and then he and Hicks started arguing. Hicks kept insisting on fighting, but Thornton did not want to. Hicks rushed him  and “tried to grab him”, but Thornton grabbed Hicks around the neck and tried to punch him. Hicks then fell on the ground and Thornton “left him like that”. Later, Thornton said he did punch him while he was on the ground about three times.  Thornton said he did not have a brick.

PSO Richardson talked to Cox and found out what she had to say about the incident.

According to the report, Cox stated that Hicks was at the road and Thornton was on the porch. As they were arguing, Hicks was calling Thornton names and wanted him to come to the road and fight. Thornton did not want to fight Hicks because “Hicks was too old” (BPS Report).  Hicks told Thornton they were going to fight and Thornton went to the road. Cox goes on to state that Hicks took off his shirt and hat and continued to try to fight Thornton. She said Hicks “tried to boom” Thornton but fell on the ground. As Hicks was on the ground, Thornton started punching him. Cox said Thornton did not have a brick and that Hicks never lost consciousness.

After giving his statement, Thornton was placed in handcuffs and charged with offense of Affray. He received a citation for the offense and was given a court date of September 14, 2016. Thornton was released from Bainbridge Public Safety on his own recognizance.

PSO Richardson made contact with Hicks at the hospital and placed him under arrest. He was charged with the offense of Disorderly Conduct and received a citation for the offense. He has a court date of September 14, 2016. He was also released on his own recognizance.


Story written by Briana Mills


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