Bainbridge Public Safety Makes ANOTHER Drug Bust (Thursday Morning)

Bainbridge Public Safety has had a busy week busting drug dealers.  According to a press release sent out Thursday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer George McMillan responded to a call about four men smoking marijuana around a motel pool.  Upon arrival, he discovered a motel room with large quantities of crack cocaine and bagged marijuana.

From the Press Release:

On Tuesday morning around 11:30am, Bainbridge Public Safety received a call to respond to a local motel in reference to drug activity. Upon arrival, Officer Ronald McMillan was told by motel staff that four black males, who were staying in a room of the motel, were smoking marijuana around the pool area. As McMillan arrived on scene, several of the males took off on foot and were seen running around a corner of the building. Additional officers arrived and searched the area for the suspects. McMillan checked the motel room for occupants by knocking on the door and observed a black male through the window. McMillan advised the occupant to exit the room. As the door opened, McMillan could smell marijuana. Jarard Johnson, 27, was apprehended and Officer McMillan checked the room for additional suspects. Finding no one else inside the room, CID Investigators were notified. Following a search of the room, four ounces of Crack Cocaine as well as a quantity of bagged Marijuana were found in a drawer. For reference, 28.35 grams of cocaine equals an ounce, and possession of any amount over one ounce becomes a charge of Trafficking.  Johnson was arrested and charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance – Cocaine, and Possession of Marijuana. Officers are following leads, and are on the lookout for those who fled the scene on foot.

Photos Courtesy of the City of Bainbridge

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