Shooting Suspect Arrested in Seminole County

A woman from Valdosta was arrested in Seminole County around noon on Wednesday, accused of holding two people at gunpoint before firing two shots and fleeing the scene.

According to Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Lee Owens, the Lowndes County woman drove from Valdosta to a home on Old Jakin Road in Seminole County in the early morning hours of Wednesday July 20 and found her boyfriend at home with another woman.  The scorned female then entered the home with a pistol, held the two in the home for a couple of hours, fired a couple of shots, and fled back to Valdosta.

Around 4:20 a.m., Seminole County Sheriff’s Office received the call and responded to the scene.  They gathered information about the female suspect, including the make and model of her vehicle, as well as her cell phone information.

Later in the morning, investigators pinged the woman’s phone to determine her location.  The track led to the Whigham area, moving west, back toward Seminole County.  Around 11:45 a.m., officers from several agencies converged on the Bainbridge area to intercept the suspect, however, the vehicle they were looking for was not located.

At 11:59 p.m., a van bearing a Lowndes County tag was stopped about 3 miles inside Seminole County.  Inside, officers found the suspect, as well as her mother and sister.  According to the woman, she was on her way to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office to turn herself in to police.

The female suspect was arrested with no further incident.

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