Victim Robbed at Gunpoint, Chases Suspect with her Car

According to an incident report from Bainbridge Public Safety, a female victim was robbed at gunpoint Sunday afternoon, then attempted to run over the suspect with her car.

The reports states that the victim was leaving the First State Bank on Shotwell Street on Sunday afternoon around 6:45 p.m. when a black male approached her car.  The man pointed a revolver at the woman and stole her cell phone, a Galaxy S7, worth about $700.  Based on the incident report, the victim knew the attacker and provided his name to police.

The report goes on to say that the victim attempted to get away from the gun wielding suspect and “attempted to run over (him) with her vehicle because she thought that he was going to kill her“.  At this point a chase ensued with the robbery victim attempting to run over the suspect multiple times, chasing him across Shotwell Street, through several business properties and down Collier Street.  Based on surveillance video from a neighboring convenience store, Officer Codey Vaughn was able to see “a white passenger car chasing after a black male who was wearing dark clothing and running.  Vaughn observed the white vehicle attempting to hit the subject in the back parking lot of American Muffler.

Officer Vaughn viewed another camera at the store that was pointed toward First State Bank and observed “a male subject walk up to the window of the vehicle and leaned in.  The driver of the vehicle then attempted to run over the subject and ran into the brick wall.  The car backed up and attempted to do the same thing again.  Vaughn observed the white vehicle jump the curb and chased the subject through the front lawn of First State Bank.  The vehicle barely missed the subject as he was jumping behind the sign, located in the front of the building.”

In the follow-up investigation, Officer Vaughn attempted to make contact with the person named by the victim, however he was unable to be located.  The case was turned over to Investigator Chip Nix.

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