Burglary Foiled by Homeowner, Suspect Chased by Police

On the morning of Friday, June 10, at approximately 9:00 a.m., Bainbridge Public Safety Officers Jamie Marshburn and Jayson Myers responded to Fleming Street in Bainbridge in reference to a burglary.  According to E911, the suspect fled the scene on a pink bicycle after encountering the homeowner.

According to the incident report, while en route to the burglary scene, Officers Marshburn and Myers observed a black male that matched the description of the suspect in the parking lot of the Five Star Credit Union on Shotwell Street.  When the officers attempted to make contact with the man, he “continued to pedal East through the parking lot and turned North onto Sims Street. (BPS Report)”  The suspect then turned east onto Troupe Street and behind apartments with the officers in hot pursuit.  He then rode the bike between two apartment buildings and back onto Troupe Street. At that point, the suspect entered the Sims Street Apartments where the officers lost sight of him.

A short while later, Investigator Chip Nix told Officer Myers that an anonymous person said the suspect was in an apartment inside the complex.  From the report, “While Myers covered the rear door of Apartment…, Marshburn and Nix made contact with (name redacted) at the front door.  Nix asked (name redacted) if (suspect) was in the residence and she stated that he was.  Nix began to give verbal commands for (suspect) to come out of a bedroom.  (Suspect) complied and came out of the bedroom.”

The officers then began retracing the path of pursuit looking for evidence left behind.  Officer Myers and Investigator Chris Jordan were able to follow the path based on bicycle tracks left in the sand.  From the report, “While following the path, Myers and Jordan observed a small black revolver with a wooden handle laying approximately 2 feet away from the bicycle tracks…the firearm was a 6 shot revolver and was loaded with 5 .22 caliber bullets.”

The suspect, identified as Brian Blocker, age 28, was arrested and charged with burglary and obstruction of an officer.

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