Bainbridge State College Means Millions to Southwest Georgia


May 12, 2016

BSC contributes greatly to regional economic impact

Recently, a report was released showing the major regional economic impact Bainbridge State College has on the counties it serves.

According to a report released in April by the Selig Center for Economic Growth, the overall fiscal year 2015 regional economic impact of Bainbridge State College was $55.7 million dollars.

The impact included the following breakdown:

  • 670 full and part-time jobs (184 on-campus jobs and 485 off-campus jobs that exist due to institution-related spending);
  • $22.9 million in labor income;
  • $35.3 million in value added (gross regional product)

Rick McCaskill, Executive Director of the Development Authority of Bainbridge-Decatur County, claimed when money of this magnitude is brought back into the community, it is a “big deal.”

He said, “Bainbridge State College continues to make a huge economic impact on this region—and anytime money is generated and cycled back through the community, it is a big deal. We are proud of the numbers we are seeing as a result of the College being housed in our region.”

The BSC region is defined as Decatur, Seminole, Miller, Grady, Mitchell and Baker Counties.

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