Suspected Gang Member Busted for Drug Possession

Bainbridge Public Safety made a drug arrest on Thursday morning after conducting a search in conjunction with the Department of Community Supervision.

According to the report from Bainbridge Public Safety, Investigator Chris Jordan was assisting the Department of Community Supervision “with searches of persons who had been classified as gang members”.  The search process involved making contact with the person and then conducting a “consent search” of the person and their bedroom.

From the incident report:

“Officers arrived at 930 Water Street and made contact with Roy Senior as Senior exited the closet in his bedroom.  Parole Officer Monty Johnson asked Senior for consent to search.  Senior denied consent.  Johnson explained Senior had a search clause as part of his Parole and a search was going to be conducted.

During the search of Senior’s bedroom, officers located two small clear plastic baggies containing an orange and white rock type substance, suspected bath salts.  In the same closet, officers located a grey Walmart bag containing a clear plastic bag containing the same substance.  In the same closet, officers located a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy type substance, suspected marijuana.  Between the bed mattresses, officers located more suspected marijuana in a clear plastic bag and a quantity of loose suspected marijuana.”

Senior was arrested and charged with illegal possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana (misd), and parole violation.

This wasn’t the only parolee arrested for drug possession.  The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office also arrested a man after a “consent search” on Thursday.

View complete arrest reports here.


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