Bainbridge Public Safety: Four Arrests, 18 Counts of Entering Auto Each

Bainbridge Public Safety made a gigantic bust involving one adult and three juveniles this week.

According to Bainbridge Public Safety reports, on Monday, April 25, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Codey Vaughn responded to 1001 East River Road at Precision Auto in reference to a burglary.  Upon arrival, a female employee stated that the back gate of the lot had been damaged.  When the owner arrived, he and Officer Vaughn began walking the lot and discovered that 18 vehicles had been damaged and rummaged through.

In addition to the damaged vehicles, Officer Vaughn and the business owner, Mark Mitchell, noticed a Blue Honda Accord with a scratched bumper.  Mr. Mitchell informed Officer Vaughn that the bumper had just been repainted and the scratches were new.  Consistent with the damage to the car, Officer Vaughn found the rear gate was bent, along with the pole the gate was chained to.  Tire tracks leading from the gate to the Blue Honda Accord, as well as spin marks, led Officer Vaughn to believe the vehicle was used to attempt to break out of the gate.  After gathering information, Officer Vaughn then turned the investigation over to Investigator Chris Jordan.

According to Investigator Chris Jordan, after conducting interviews, he gathered information that led to the arrest of three juveniles and one adult, Dontavious Jakel Kinder.  Kinder was charged with 18 felony counts of entering auto and three counts of criminal damage to property in the first degree.  The juveniles were charged as well.  In addition to the arrests, Investigator Jordan and Bainbridge Public Safety were able to recover all of items that were reported stolen.

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