Man Arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Crossbow

On Thursday, March 31, 2016, Bainbridge Public Safety responded to a domestic disturbance call that turned violent.


According to the police report, Officer Jason Barlow made contact with a woman at Bainbridge Public Safety Headquarters who was speaking with Investigator Chip Nix about a domestic incident in which she was involved.  The woman, Belinda Robertson, stated she was awaken by her husband, David Robertson, in the early morning hours of that day.  According to Mrs. Robertson, her husband woke her up when he kicked open the bedroom door and asked why she hadn’t been answering the phone.  The husband then began pouring gasoline on his wife.

According to the report, Mrs. Robertson stated she ran to the shower to wash off when her husband grabbed her by the hair, pulled her out of the shower and demanded to know where his guns were.  She refused to tell him and a scuffle ensued.   During the tussle, Mrs. Robertson then pushed Mr. Robertson into the shower, grabbed clothes and ran out of the house.  On the way out, she saw her husband’s sister, who had recently been staying with the couple, and attempted to get her to leave with her.  When the sister refused, Mrs. Robertson left the home and went to her sister’s home out of state.

The report states that after hearing the story from the previous night, Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Barlow, along with Investigators Larry Funderburke, Mark Esquivel, Chris Jordan, and Chip Nix, along with Officer Humberto Dean accompanied Mrs. Robertson to her house to make contact with Mr. Robertson and check on the welfare of his sister.  Upon arrival, Mr. Robertson opened the door, armed with a loaded crossbow.  He aimed the weapon at Mrs. Robertson and told her that she should not have brought the police to the house.  When Investigator Nix told Mr. Robertson to put the weapon down, Mr. Robertson then pointed the weapon at him.  At that point, Investigator Nix grabbed the loaded weapon and pointed it into the air.  During the scuffle, Mr. Robertson fired the crossbow into the air and Investigator Nix was able to wrestle the weapon away.

Officer Barlow, along with Investigators Esquivel and Jordan handcuffed Mr. Robertson behind his back and placed him in leg restraints.

When the officers entered the home, they noticed a strong odor of gasoline, but were unable to locate his sister, who had been at the home the previous night.

Mr. Robertson was charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault, one count of terroristic threats, and one count of felony obstruction of an officer.

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