No Injuries after Gas Line Ruptures in Downtown Bainbridge (photos)

For a few hours Wednesday afternoon, several blocks in downtown Bainbridge were blocked off due to a ruptured gas line.  According to witnesses, a Georgia Power truck was using an auger to drill a hole to place a power pole when they struck a natural gas line belonging to the City of Bainbridge.  Bainbridge Public Safety responded and soaked the area with water to prevent damage in the case of a fire.  In the pictures below, you can see the Public Safety Officers operating several fire hoses and fire trucks in response to the damaged gas line.

No injuries and property damage were reported as a result of the leaking gas line and it is unclear if the line was marked or not.

We will have more details as they become available.

All photos courtesy of Casey Alday Photography

All photos courtesy of Casey Alday Photography

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