Bainbridge and Decatur County Arrest Reports, 12/18 to 12/22 logo

The following arrests and citations, occurring between December 18 and December 22, were reported by Bainbridge Public Safety and the Decatur County Jail. The addresses listed below are given to us directly by BPS and the Decatur County Jail.

  • Roy Sinquefield, 614 County Line Road, Camilla, Ga., driving while license suspended/revoked, brake lights and turn signals required, seat belt violation; SO;
  • Robert Strickland, 261 E. Pine Street, Colquitt, Ga., driving while license suspended/revoked, failure to obey stop sign; SO;
  • Joshua Sayre, 154 Dempsey Road, Bainbridge, simple battery (Family Violence Act), parole violation; SO;
  • Keith Jones, 90 Hinson Circle, Havana, Fla., probation violation, SO;
  • Veronica Hall, 147 Mamie Lane, Blakely, Ga., possession of drug-related object, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce), BPS;
  • Charles Smith, 24, 412 Decatur St., Bainbridge, driving while license suspended/revoked, headlights required at certain times; T. Pait, BPS;
  • William Thornton, 1125 Colonial Road, Camilla, Ga., possession of controlled substance; BPS;
  • Diane Denise James, 35, 609 Planter St., Bainbridge, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug-related objects; R. Cox, BPS;
  • Anthony Alexander, 26, 1204 E. Powell St., Bainbridge, possession and carrying concealed weapon without a license, financial transaction card theft, financial transaction card fraud; SO;
  • Miranda Anderson, 2813 Gutherie Road, Axson, Ga., theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor); SO;
  • Emmittcia Tennella Jones, Tallahassee, Fla., driving while license suspended/revoked, tail light and tag light requirements; J. Kirkus, GSP;
  • Thomas Kirksey, 24, Bainbridge, possession of drug-related objects, open container, brake lights and turn signals required, driving while license suspended/revoked; T. Mixon, BPS;
  • Dallas S. Bozeman, 45, Thomasville, Ga., theft by shoplifting; J. Barlow, BPS;
  • Danterrius Denard Faison, 31, Bainbridge, driving while license suspended/revoked, obstructing or hindering law enforcement, headlight requirements; T. Pait, BPS;
  • Juvenile, 16, burglary (felony); C. Nix, BPS;
  • Corey Michael Sibley, 17, 204 Turtle Pond Road, Bainbridge, burglary (felony); J. Long, BPS.


Format: Name of person charged, age, address, city, charges; Arresting Officer, Arresting Agency
SO = Decatur County Sheriff’s Office
BPS = Bainbridge Public Safety
GSP = Georgia State Patrol

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