TV producers casting for show that would give dream homes to community ‘heroes’

The following flyer was sent to us by Relativity Television. The casting agent wrote:

I came across and article you wrote about a couple months ago regarding a family losing their home in a fire and I wanted to reach out because I’m with Relativity Television casting a show looking for people who want to give back to someone they consider to be a hero in the community by competing to win them a dream home.

To summarize, the casting company is looking for someone whose lives were saved or positively affected by a “community hero,” such as a police man, firefighter or soldier. The person chosen to be on the show would compete to win a dream home in Atlanta, GA, for the person they consider a “community hero.” If they win, the contestant would win $100,000 for themselves. See the flyer below:

Pay It Forward Flyer Updated COLOR

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