Two arrested on drug charges after search warrant

The illegal drug "Molly, another name for ecstasy, in rock form.
The illegal drug "Molly, another name for ecstasy, in rock form.
The illegal drug “Molly, another name for ecstasy, in rock form.

At about 8:30 a.m. Friday morning, Bainbridge Public Safety investigators executed a search warrant at 403 E. College Street after receiving information about possible drug activity, Investigator Chip Nix said.

Investigators Chip Nix and Mark Esquivel found five plastic sandwich bags containing “Molly” rocks of varying colors: dark red, pink, light blue, blue and clear. Some digital scales, commonly used to weigh illegal drugs, were also found in the residence, as well as a small amount of marijuana in the home.

Edward Jermaine Scott, 31, Bainbridge, was arrested and charged with felony possession of controlled substance.

Brydon Javon Dillard, 21, Bainbridge, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Nix said Bainbridge Public Safety officers have been seeing more incidents involving “Molly” or “Flakka”. Molly is another name for the party drug ecstasy, while Flakka can refer to several types of synthetic drugs. Sometimes the drugs are called Molly by dealers but lab tests show the substances to be bath salts or Alpha PVP. Alpha PVP is a Schedule I controlled substance and is illegal to possess.

“We’ve seen about 80 or 90 percent of our drug cases in recent months involve Molly or flakka,” Nix said.

“In Decatur County, we’re seeing the names Flakka or Molly being attached to different substances, whether it’s a methamphetamine mixture, a synthetic drug or bath salts,” Nix said.

Sometimes the drugs that are sold can be disguised as “Molly,” or ecstasy, but in reality are different substances that can have a more serious effect on their users, Nix said.

Some people on flakka have been observed to sweat a lot or exhibit unusual, sometimes aggressive behavior.

“If someone approaches a drug dealer and asks for Molly, the drug dealer will say something is Molly just to make a sale, even if it isn’t,” the investigator said. “The bottom line is that when you’re dealing with Molly or flakka, you don’t know what you’re taking and so they are especially dangerous.”

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