Southern Football Report: High School Playoff picture taking shape

Only one more week until the postseason in the GHSA and this Friday night will be the first week of the playoffs in the GISA so the postseason is upon us whether we like it or not and here is how a lot of it could potentially shake out:

A Classification

Mitchell County Eagles at Randolph-Clay Red Devils
If Mitchell County wins they will need a Miller County win over Terrell County since the Eagles defeated Miller County but lost to Terrell County.
If Randolph-Clay wins then they need a Terrell County win over Miller County since the Red Devils defeated Terrell County but lost to Miller County.

Miller County Pirates at Terrell County Greenwaves
If Miller County wins they will need a Randolph-Clay win since the Pirates defeated Randolph-Clay but lost to Mitchell County.
If Terrell County wins they will need a Mitchell County win since the Greenwaves defeated Mitchell County but lost to Randolph-Clay

With the A Public School Power Ratings as a factor, the only way (in my opinion) that two teams from Region 1-A get into the state playoff brackets is if Randolph-Clay (14th in this week’s ratings) beats Mitchell County and Miller County (18th in this week’s ratings) defeats Terrell County. Any other scenario would put only a single team into the top 16 teams in the public school bracket.

Bradley’s Prediction: Randolph-Clay defeats Mitchell County and Miller County defeats Terrell County to claim the Region Championship and both find their way into the playoff bracket.

Region 1-AA

The number 1, 2 & 3 seeds are set no matter what happens this Friday night in Region 1-AA. Brooks County, who is open this week, has won Region 1-AA. Fitzgerald has secured the number 2 seed while Early County will be the 3-seed. The battle for the 4-seed commences on Friday night.

Seminole County at Fitzgerald
If Fitzgerald wins, Seminole County is eliminated from the playoffs.
If Seminole County wins and Berrien defeats Pelham, there will be a three-way tie for fourth place in Region 1-AA.

Berrien at Pelham
If Pelham wins they clinch their first birth in the playoffs since 2009.
If Berrien wins they will clinch their first back-to-back playoff appearances since 1992-1993 but a Seminole County win would create a three-way tie for fourth place.

Bradley’s Prediction: Fitzgerald defeats Seminole County and Pelham beats Berrien in a shootout to claim the 4th seed in the playoffs.

Region 1-AAAA

Subdivided regions can always be confusing but getting to the Region Championship Game makes it pretty simple for at least two teams. The winner of the Bainbridge v. Cairo game will be the champion and number 1 seed while the loser would be the number 2 seed, both earning a home playoff game in the first round of the playoffs. Here is the slate of games relevant to the postseason for this Friday night in Region 1-AAAA:
Bainbridge at Cairo – Region 1-AAAA Championship Game
Westover at Thomas County Central – Play-In Game #1
Worth County at Crisp County – Play-In Game #2

The two winners of the play-in games will be the 3 and 4 seeds in the playoffs with the team with better record of the two claiming the 3-seed and the other claiming the 4-seed.

Bradley’s Prediction: Bainbridge wins first Region Championship in 22 years, Thomas County Central defeats Westover & Worth County defeats Crisp County giving TCCHS the 4-seed and Worth County the 3-seed.

Region 1-AAAAAA

The largest region in southwest Georgia contains a game that will decide the region champion outright when the undefeated Camden County Wildcats host the reigning state champion and still undefeated Colquitt County Packers in Kingsland on Friday night. The rest of the region is still scrambling for the other two playoff spots.

Lee County at Valdosta
If Valdosta wins, the Wildcats will claim the 3-seed outright.
If Lee County wins and Lowndes loses, there will be a three-way tie for 3rd place in Region 1-AAAAAA.

Lowndes at Tift County
If Lowndes and Valdosta win, the Vikings will claim the 4-seed outright. If Lowndes and Lee County win, there will be a three-way tie for 3rd place in Region 1-AAAAAA.
If Tift County and Valdosta win, there is a three-way tie for 4th pace in Region 1-AAAAAA. If Tift County & Lee County win, both Lowndes and Tift County are eliminated from the postseason.

Bradley’s Predictions: Colquitt County wins Region 1-AAAAAA while Valdosta & Lowndes both win claiming the 3 & 4-seeds respectively.

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