Around Our Area: Thomas County citizens observe National Thank a Police Officer Day

THANK-A-POLICE-OFFICER-DAY-2THOMASVILLE — South Georgia residents eagerly took a moment out of their day on Saturday to thank local law enforcement officers as part of National Thank a Police Officer Day.

Jerry Butler of Thomasville had specific law enforcement officers he wanted to thank.

“Tops in my book is Lt. Tim Watkins, (Thomas County Sheriff’s Office chief investigator),” said Butler. Butler explained that when a check came back on a four-wheeler sold at a local business for which he worked, he reported it and by that afternoon Watkins had found the vehicle in Valdosta and returned it. Watkins also found that the same person had written another bad check at another business for more than $25,000.

On National Thank a Police Officer Day, citizens are encouraged to take a moment out of their day to show appreciation for their local officers through small acts of gratitude or by saying “thank you.” It was started in 2012 by The Whole Truth Project, a Chicago-based organization.

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