Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown: #2 Beaver Stadium

Penn State LogoBeaver Stadium
Built – 1959
Capacity – 106,572
Record Capacity – 110,753 (2002)

I’m sure that Beaver Stadium’s selection as the number two stadium on the Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown is a shocker to some but turn on the television on Saturdays or visit the place and your perception will change. In the days leading up to Penn State football games its not uncommon to see thousands of fans camping within walking distance of the stadium in preparation of the upcoming game. Inside the stadium, Penn State fans are as loud and rabid as any in the country especially when the song Zombie Nation cranks up on the loud speakers. Also, when Penn StateĀ is celebrating a ‘White Out’ game, Beaver Stadium looks as good as college football can look. As a fan of college football, there aren’t many scenes that can compare to a White Out Saturday night in Beaver Stadium when its cold and snowing. The stadium is absolutely electric.

Beaver Stadium during football game vs. Temple, Sept. 20, 2008


Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that Beaver Stadium is one of the largest college football stadiums in the country and when it’s filled to capacity and the Nittany Lions are winning, it can be a deafening place. Built in 1959, Beaver Stadium was named not after the animal but after former Pennsylvania Governor James A. Beaver and has come a long way since it’s 30,000 seat beginnings, which was a lot of seats for a brand new stadium in those days. Beaver Stadium is not only one of the largest stadiums in the country but also one of the very best and that is why it has earned the number 2 spot on the Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown.

Beaver Stadium, Home of the Penn State Nittany Lions
Beaver Stadium, Home of the Penn State Nittany Lions

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