Southern Football Report Helmet Countdown: #2 Texas

Longhorns Logo 2When you see an all white helmet with a burnt orange logo, there is no wondering which team it is. You automatically know that it is the Texas Longhorns. This unmistakable combination is good enough for number two on our helmet countdown. The pearly white helmet with the orange Longhorn logo on the side looks as good now as it did when they put it on the helmet for the first time back in the fall of 1961. From time to time Texas does harken back to yester-year and put the player numbers above the logo but the Longhorn logo by itself is still one of the best looks in college football.

Texas - Helmet - New Decal 2


The Longhorns did make a small change to the logo last year when they changed the color of the decal from the traditional regular ole burnt orange to a more metallic version of the classic Texas color which was met for the most part with praise. I know it looks better on television with the newer version but either way is perfectly fine by me.

Texas Longhorns - Team

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