Southern Football Report Stadium Countdown: #3 Clemson Memorial Stadium

Clemson LogoClemson Memorial Stadium
Built – 1941
Capacity – 81,500
Record Capacity – 86,092 (1999)

Regardless of what you think of the football team, it’s hard not to acknowledge to the pageantry that surrounds Clemson Memorial Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina, on game days. There is so much going on around ‘Death Valley’ that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. You’ve got Howard’s Rock that every player rubs before running down the famous hill in the East end zone, you’ve got Clemson University Cemetery to the South that before the construction of the upper decks was visible from the field and eerily looked over opponents on the visitor’s side line and when it all comes together, it’s quite the spectacle.

Clemson - Clemson Memorial Stadium - Pregame - Night

Clemson Memorial Stadium is also well known for being one of the loudest stadiums in the country and in 2007 reached 133 decibels in a game against Boston College. It’s not uncommon for opposing teams to struggle to hear one another on the field and also to win games on the field as well which is where the name ‘Death Valley’ came from. Presbyterian coach Lonnie McMillan spawned the name in 1948 when he said that he had to ‘take his team up to Clemson and play in Death Valley’ where they rarely won.

Clemson Memorial Stadium aka 'Death Valley', Home of the Clemson Tigers
Clemson Memorial Stadium aka ‘Death Valley’, Home of the Clemson Tigers

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