Moultrie woman accused of trying to deliver marijuana to Decatur County Prison

Keyuana Quinton Bethea of Moultrie, Ga.
Keyuana Quinton Bethea of Moultrie, Ga.

A Moultrie, Ga., woman was arrested by Bainbridge Public Safety Sunday as part of an investigation into illegal drugs possibly headed for the Decatur County Prison.

Keyuana Quinton Bethea, 31, of 8th Avenue NW, Moultrie, Ga., is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and criminal attempt to cross guard lines with contraband, according to Bainbridge Public Safety.

BPS’ investigation began this past weekend when Deputy Warden Gordon Screen of the Decatur County Prison told police about a tip he had received regarding someone delivering drugs to the prison. BPS investigators looked into the tip and narrowed down the date of the drug drop-off as Sunday, August 9.

Around midday Sunday, BPS Investigator Chip Nix received a tip that the drugs were in a blue Nissan Altima that was traveling to Bainbridge.

Working with Deputy Warden Screen, Investigator Nix, Investigator Rusty Day and BPS Chief Investigator Larry Funderburke kept a close watch out for the vehicle. At around 1:30 p.m., the officers pulled the Altima over near the intersection of Scott Street and Shotwell Street in Bainbridge.

The car was being driven by Bethea, according to BPS. Inside the car, officers found 10 plastic sandwich bags containing marijuana–the total weight was several ounces, enough to charge Bethea with a felony, Nix said.

While Bethea never reached the Decatur County Prison, investigators believe she was on her way to do so.

“She had bought tape to conceal the plastic bags and we believe the drugs would have been ‘suitcased’ inside the prison,” Nix said.

Speaking generally, Nix said an amount of marijuana like what was confiscated Sunday would have been split up among multiple inmates for re-sale if it was sneaked past jail guards.

BPS officers said they were thankful for the teamwork and information provided by Decatur County Prison officials.

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