Southern Football Report Helmet Countdown: #1 Notre Dame

Notre Dame 2There is, without a doubt, one helmet in all of college football that when you see it, you immediately know what team it is and that’s the golden domes of Notre Dame. Seeing them glistening in the sun or under the lights of a stadium lit at night on television is one thing but when you see them for the first time in person, you get it. Historically, the helmets’ paint would have 23.9 karat gold flakes in the paint that went on the helmets but somewhere along the lines the school discontinued the practice, even though the school claimed they did. But in 2011, the gold flakes were officially back and believe us when we tell you Notre Dame, we can tell.

Notre Dame - Helmet 2

The first time I ever saw a Notre Dame Fighting Irish helmet in person was at the Senior Bowl down in Mobile, Alabama, and the one helmet that stuck out more than any other was the ‘Golden Dome’. There are plenty of gold helmets in college football (FSU, Georgia Tech, UCF, Purdue, etc.) but none of them shimmer quite like Notre Dame’s.

Notre Dame - Helmet - 2014 Gold

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