Phase 2 of Faceville/Attapulgus Road Resurfacing Complete in Decatur County

faceville-att-9-WEBDecatur County, Georgia – April 9, 2015 – We are glad to announce the residents and travelers along Faceville/Attapulgus Road will enjoy a smoother, wider roadway! Decatur County Public Works Department completed Phase 2 of this project, which involved widening the road two feet on each side, and leveling and resurfacing 2.8 miles from the city limits of Attapulgus to State Route 309. Phase 1 was to perform the same activities from State Route 302 to the Willacoochee Bridge. Later in 2015, Phase 3 will include the section of road from State Route 309 to the Willacoochee Bridge.

The Local Maintenance Improvement Grant funds, (approximately $558,000.00), from Georgia D.O.T., requires a County match of 30%, or $167,400.00. Decatur County Public Works department was able to match the funds by providing the labor and equipment, which gained the improvements without the out-of-pocket expenditures.


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