FSU Spring Game shows off Seminoles’ young talent despite rainy weather (Highlight Videos)

2015 Florida State Spring Game

Garnet vs Gold (Apr 11, 2015 at Tallahassee, Fla.)
Garnet vs. Gold
Date: Apr 11, 2015 • Site: Tallahassee, Fla. • Stadium: Doak Campbell
Attendance: 17250
Score by Quarters 1234 Total
Garnet 3 – 14 – 0 – 0  = 17
Gold 14 – 10 – 0  – 14 = 38

Qtr Time Scoring Play V-H
1st 14:11 GO – Derwin James 41 yd interception return (Roberto Aguayo kick) 0 – 7
09:20 GO – George Campbell 65 yd pass from J.J. Cosentino (Roberto Aguayo kick), 5-80 2:40 0 – 14
03:56 GA – Roberto Aguayo 47 yd field goal, 10-45 5:24 3 – 14
2nd 10:52 GO – Roberto Aguayo 56 yd field goal, 6-23 2:06 3 – 17
08:08 GA – Dalvin Cook 1 yd run (Roberto Aguayo kick), 6-75 2:44 10 – 17
01:10 GA – Dalvin Cook 6 yd run (Roberto Aguayo kick), 11-75 4:59 17 – 17
00:25 GO – Ermon Lane 42 yd pass from De’Andre Johnson (Roberto Aguayo kick), 4-65 0:37 17 – 24
4th 09:17 GO – Jacques Patrick 11 yd run (Roberto Aguayo kick), 3-62 1:22 17 – 31
00:58 GO – Mavin Saunders 17 yd pass from De’Andre Johnson (Ryan Feely kick), 6-62 0:53 17 – 38

Kickoff time: 2:03 • End of Game: 4:38 • Total elapsed time: 2:35
Temperature: 76 • Wind: N 7 mph • Weather: Rainy


2015 Florida State Spring Game

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Offensive Player Quotes


Junior wide receiver Jesus Wilson


On the play of freshman wide receiver George Campbell:

“George has speed, he’s a speed guy. He’s a very talented player and that’s what I like about him.”


On how the spring went overall for the team:

“Overall I thought we had a good spring. We made a few mistakes out there and there’s room for improvement but we’ll have to grind this offseason. We’ll be ready by the season.”


On his play this spring:

“I thought I did good. I was relaxed and comfortable but I’m used to it. I just have to adapt and adjust to Sean (Maguire) and get the chemistry going.”


On how much quarterback Sean Maguire’s debut vs. Clemson last year helped him:

“That helped a lot because it boosted his confidence and that’s what we need. As long as he has confidence then we’ll be successful.”


On what he does from here:

“We have to get our grades right first. The semester is about to end. Then we’ll be doing offseason workouts, getting in the weight room and getting bigger, faster and stronger.”

Redshirt junior quarterback Sean Maguire


On what he hoped to get out of the spring and whether he accomplished that:

“I’d say it’s 50/50 on that question. We had some drives where we definitely looked like a real great football team, and we had some drives where we didn’t. I think up and down was the definition of today.”


On whether a limited roster was any cause for miscommunication:

“It was going in and out. I don’t think the roster affected anything today.”


On his thoughts following his second pass of the game (interception):

“It was a miscommunication on the offense’s part but even if that happens I still can’t make that throw. I can’t do that even if there is miscommunication. When you get back to the sideline after that Coach Sanders and Coach Fisher always say the most important play in football is the next play. I thought I did a pretty good job of shaking that off and finishing the half.”


On how he responded to the interception with some good drives:

“We got a rhythm and we had some great drives coming out – the two touchdown drives, the field goal drive. We had Pig (Ja’Vonn Harrison), Bobo (Jesus Wilson) and Travis (Rudolph) make some real big catches. Dalvin (Cook) and (Mario) Pender had some big runs and that’s when our offense was flowing.”



On his chemistry with Ja’Vonn Harrison:

“It’s actually been going on for a year and a half now because on second team last year it was always Pig and I. He was the second-team X behind Rashad (Greene) last year so him and I have been going on for a long time now.”


On the development of Ja’Vonn Harrison:

“I knew everything he was capable of. He’s a tremendous player. I guess this was his coming out party today.”


On how his spring went overall:

“I thought overall spring went great. I thought it went phenomenal actually. The 14 practices were tremendous. I learned so much and clicked with this offense. We’ve made tremendous strides from the first day of spring until now, and I thought spring went awesome.”


Sophomore tailback Dalvin Cook


Are you used to breaking contact?

“Yeah I think that’s where I get a lot of my yards. Contact is my thing. When they just touch me, me as a competitor feels like I am not down.”


Have you seen a lot of the young receivers getting better at blocking downfield?

“Yeah they got better at it. Going against Jalen (Ramsey) and those guys they are going to get a lot better. They are getting better or at least giving it some effort.”


What’s it like having a guy like Mario Pender in the backfield?

“It’s nice having a guy in the backfield who is just like you. He is an elusive guy and having a guy like him makes the quarterback’s job a lot easier. It’s fun running with Mario.”


Speaking of the quarterback is there a feeling that you have that guy?

“We got that guy.  I feel that Sean is that guy. He is starting to step up and be more of a leader and step into his role as the quarterback. We have a long way to go and need to keep working at it and I feel like he will be that guy.”


What is the biggest thing that the team needs to work on?

“We need to just gel as a team. Need to be more consistent. If we are more consistent I feel like no one can stop us. We’ll be a great team.”


Sophomore Tackle Roderick Johnson


Do you wish people could see your earlier scrimmages and practices?

“Some people think that we are just good, but some people know that we go through the grind. I know what happens in the dark dust comes to the light so if we practice good the fans will see it.”


As a group today do you feel like you are starting to gel a little bit?

“A little bit you know, as a group we are still trying to settle in. We do not have that nice fit and we still have some holes to fill. We have to work on trust and stuff like that, but in general we do have good chemistry. When we are set in stone I think we will be a pretty good offensive line.”




2015 Florida State Spring Game

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Defensive Player Quotes


Junior defensive back Jalen Ramsey


On the teams’ performance in the Garnet & Gold Game:

“I feel like we made a bunch of strides in the right direction. We still have a lot of improvements to make, but by the time fall hits we’ll be rolling.”


On his individual performance during spring game:

“I have a lot of improvements to make but I feel like I did well on the field today.”


On his role in the return game:

“It’s pretty natural. (Head Coach Jimbo) Fisher and Coach (Lawrence) Dawsey put me back there and I stay in their ear about it all the time. When they put me back there, I’m going to make something happen. They just have to get more comfortable with putting me back there and seeing me return more and catching more.”


On Derwin James interception return:

“I already knew that Derwin was really good, it really wasn’t surprising to me. I knew he was going to make a play. I didn’t know it was going to come that quick. It came quick and it was really nice, it really sparked the scrimmage and spring game. But we still have some improvements to make.”


Junior defensive end DeMarcus Walker


In general how do you feel about your performance and the performance of the defense this spring?

“Individually, I felt like I got better.  They (the coaches) graded every practice and I think I had the most production points out of everybody on the defense.  There’s a lot of stuff I’ve got to work on – Coach (Brad) Lawing, he’s a great coach.”


How much was the defense able to retain of what was put in this spring?

“A lot.  That’s part of maturing, taking coaching and applying that in practice.  He (Coach Lawing) did throw a lot but it’s pretty good.”


What does being named the defensive MVP of the spring mean to you?

”It’s a blessing.”


Can you expand on Coach Lawing …

“Pass rush.  When he came in he sat us down and told us his goal was to help pass rushing.  When it comes to working our hands, and always keeping our wrists tight.  It’s very different.  (Coach) Lawing coaches every detail.  First step, stance, your tilt, everything. He’s a hard coach but he’s a great coach also.”


Did his coaching work for you?

“Oh my God.  It really did.  Usually somebody tells me something and it works, I’m astounded how it comes out.  All I can do is smile and just say ‘thank you’.  He’s right.  The guy knows what he’s talking about.”

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