BSC students learn the importance of financial literacy

BSC_financial_literacyDuring Bainbridge State College Financial Aid Office’s “Lunch & Learn” seminar, Mendi C. Morrow, a postsecondary & default management representative with the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) spoke about the importance and benefits of students being financially literate.

Morrow posed questions for the students and other attendees to think about in relation to their finances and higher education.

“As you finish up your programs, are you thinking about the next steps,” she asked. “How will these steps affect your student loans? If you haven’t thought about it already, begin to think about your next step. It will determine how you will handle your finances.”

The representative also provided the students with valuable information related to HOPE and student loans, while addressing changes that have been made in the financial aid programs. The seminar concluded with information on saving money, budgeting, credit score factors, credit report information, identity theft, loan status, repayment plans and loan consolidation—all of which pertained to components of life as a student and life after college.

The GSFC provides free financial aid consultation to Georgia residents and is involved in activities such as BSC’s “Lunch & Learn” seminar, designed to promote financial literacy and default prevention. The commission supports students in achieving their educational goals directly and indirectly, providing a wide range of financial aid services to Georgia’s high schools, colleges, universities, technical colleges and commercial lenders.

Likewise, the Financial Aid Office at BSC supports its students by providing seminars at the campus to inform its student body and employees about financial aid literacy— a topic that can be confusing for anyone.

“Financial aid and financial literacy can be confusing for many students,” said Wesley Chapman, BSC Financial Aid Counselor. “We hold these seminars to try to educate our students as much as we can so they can better manage their money and resources in college and beyond. I believe everyone who attended this seminar learned a lot about financial literacy—including myself.”
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