Bainbridge police arrest two men on drug charges after pot, meth and cocaine found

Bainbridge Public Safety arrested two men on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 27 after marijuana, cocaine and a form of meth known as “Molly” was found on their person during a frisk search.

On Friday afternoon, BPS Captain Mark Esquivel received information that a man named Anthony Pope was possibly in possession of an illegal drug known as “Molly.” (Molly is a street name for ecstasy in powder form, that is considered a party drug. Ecstasy is a type of methamphetamine and its scientific name is often abbreviated as MDMA — Read More on Wikipedia)

BPS Sgt. Terry Pait and Officer Charles Strickland III were on patrol at the time and began looking for Pope. They found him and another man, 24-year-old Anthony Parrish Jr. of Tallahassee, Fla., walking near the intersection of Russ Street and Evans Street in Bainbridge.

As officers approached, they observed Parrish throw down a pill bottle onto the ground. The officers stopped the two men and soon discovered the pill bottle contained marijuana.

Acting on Investigator Esquivel’s tip and what they had seen themselves, Pait and Strickland frisk-searched Pope and Parrish.

According to Captain Esquivel, officers found a sandwich bag containing smaller plastic baggies of marijuana, as well as an amount of crack cocaine inside Pope’s pants. Parrish was in possession of suspected marijuana.

Both men were arrested and charged with the following:

  • Anthony Parrish Jr., 24, 1600 Pullen Road, Tallahassee, Fla., possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; T. Pait, BPS;
  • Anthony Jerome Pope, 825 E. Evans St., Bainbridg,e possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine (MDMA); T. Pait, BPS;

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