Just how much rain did Southwest Georgia get over the last few days?

Just how much rain did Southwest Georgia get over the last few days?

The answer is 6.38 inches between Saturday, Nov. 22 and Wednesday, Nov. 26, according to the United States Geological Survey, which has a rain gauge on the Flint River bridge in Bainbridge. The heaviest day of rain was on Sunday, Nov. 23, when two inches of rain fell on Decatur County.

Compare that to 6.23 inches of rain in Thomasville, 5.74 inches of rain in Attapulgus, 5.37 inches of rain in Tallahassee, 4.75 inches of rain received on the Spring Creek near Iron City, and 3.75 inches of rain on the Flint River near Hopeful, Ga. in Mitchell County.


Although the heavy rain has increased streamflow in smaller bodies of water such as the Spring Creek, the Flint River at Bainbridge so far has only seen a small rise within the past week. It was currently at 19.61 feet on the morning of Nov. 26, well shy of the 25-feet flood stage. A long-term flooding probability forecast predicts there will be about a 20 percent chance of a minor flood on the Flint River around late December or January–that forecast comes from the National Weather Service’s Southeast River Forecast Center.

The Ochlocknee River near Thomasville was experiencing minor flooding on Wednesday. The water level on the Ochlocknee River at Thomasville was expected to crest on Thursday, Nov. 27 and drop back below flood stage on Sunday.


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