Read the open records requests sent by the Bainbridge City Council and Decatur County commissioners

Several citizens have requested that the recent open records requests sent between the City of Bainbridge and Decatur County be posted online, therefore, we are posting them for you to read. Please note that the documents linked to below only contain the original requests sent between the two parties, and not the subsequent responses (which we were not privy to and could include hundreds of pages of documents.)


Open records request by City of Bainbridge to Decatur County, Nov. 2013 (PDF)

Open records request by Decatur County to City of Bainbridge, April 15 2014 (PDF)

Open records requestby Decatur County to City of Bainbridge, April 18 2014 (PDF)

Open records request by Decatur County to the City of Bainbridge, Oct. 20, 2014 (PDF)

Open records request by Decatur County to the City of Bainbridge, Nov. 5, 2014 (PDF)


The original request by the City of Bainbridge, through attorney Buddy Welch, to Decatur County commissioners. The request is 16 pages long and contains several dozen requests for documents. The City of Bainbridge requested that Decatur County’s responses to the requests be forwarded to Welch’s office; Welch and Atlanta attorney Michael Brown reviewed the documents sent by the county. The attorneys used the county’s documents to prepare a formal presentation related to service delivery agreement negotiations, which are still pending.

The Oct. 20 request from Decatur County to the City of Bainbridge requests extensive documentation related to 21 topics, centered around the city government’s budget. For reference, this is the request in which Decatur County Attorney Brown Moseley asked for records related to how much the city spent on renovation of City Hall, including installation of a “wet bar” or sink in the office of City Manager Chris Hobby.

Finally, in the request dated Nov. 5, County Attorney Moseley states that some of the records Decatur County requested on Oct. 20 were not made available when the city responded to that request. Moseley again requests those records.

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