It’s crunch time for the Bainbridge Bearcats as football playoffs approach

The Bainbridge High School varsity football team had this past Friday off, but must play well for the next two Friday nights to make sure they will have a place in the state football playoffs.

The Bainbridge Bearcats will face the Westover Patriots on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Hugh Mills Stadium in Albany. You will be able to hear the game on Live 101.9 FM – WBGE.

As of Monday, Oct. 27, the Bearcats have the fourth-best region record in Region 1-AAAA.

School Region Overall Reg Pct Overall Pct PFPG PAPG
Thomas County Central 5-1 6-2 0.833 0.750 30.0 13.0
Worth County 5-1 5-2 0.833 0.714 32.0 22.0
Cairo 4-1 6-2 0.800 0.750 20.0 10.0
Bainbridge 4-2 5-3 0.667 0.625 24.0 17.0
Monroe 3-2 5-3 0.600 0.625 18.0 11.0
Westover 2-3 4-4 0.400 0.500 20.0 12.0
Crisp County 2-4 2-6 0.333 0.250 12.0 33.0
Americus-Sumter 1-4 2-5 0.200 0.286 18.0 35.0
Dougherty 0-4 1-5 0.000 0.167 17.0 35.0
Albany 0-4 1-6 0.000 0.143 13.0 30.0


However, because the region is actually split in to two subregions, Bainbridge will either be #2 or #3 in their subregion, depending on the outcome of Friday’s game against Westover.

On Friday, Nov. 7, the Bearcats will play what is known as a region crossover game, against a to-be-determined opponent, to determine which four teams will represent the region in the state playoffs. Using a format agreed upon by all of the region’s coaches before the season started, here’s how the region playoff seeds will be set:

  • Both subregions’ #1 teams will play each other for the region championship, with the Sub-Region A winner playing at the Sub-Region B winner. The winner will be the region’s #1 seed in the state playoffs; the loser will be the #2 seed. (Right now the Sub-Region A leader is Thomas County Central and the Sub-Region B leader is Worth County).
  • The #2 team in Sub-Region A will play at the Sub-Region B #3 stadium. (Right now, that would be Cairo at Westover).
  • The #3 team in Sub-Region B would play at Sub-Region B #2’s stadium. (Right now, that would be Monroe at Bainbridge).
  • The winners of the region crossover games would be the region’s #3 and #4 seeds in the state playoffs, depending on their record. The first tie-breaker is how the teams fared against each other head-to-head. The second tie-breaker would be a coin flip.)

Regardless of whether Bainbridge wins or loses against Westover, the Bearcats will host a region crossover game at Centennial Field in Bainbridge on Nov. 7. (Next year, the teams from Sub-Region A will host the crossover games.)

Depending on what happens Friday night, it’s possible that Bainbridge could play Cairo for the second time this season on Nov. 7, said Flint Media sports expert Bradley Warren. Cairo beat Bainbridge 13-7 on Sept. 5 (the game did not officially count as a region game, because the teams were already scheduled to play each other before Bainbridge was granted permission to drop down a classification.)

We will be holding a pep rally and live remote broadcast from the First National Bank of Decatur County on Shotwell Street on the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 7.

Be sure to listen to the Southern Football Report with Bradley Warren every Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to noon on Live 101.9 FM and our other Flint Media radio stations. Warren will recap all of Friday night’s football action and preview Saturday’s college football games.

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