No one injured as trailer dumps grain onto Bainbridge bypass onramp

14132180643040No one was injured when an agricultural trailer overturned on the onramp of the U.S. 27/84 bypass at Dothan Road in Bainbridge on Monday morning, but there was a bit of a mess to clean up.

The accident happened at about 9:40 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 13. A Ford F-150 pickup truck was towing an agricultural trailer behind it and had turned off Dothan Road onto the onramp of the U.S. 27/84 bypass, headed east/south. The onramp involved is the one next to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services office in Bainbridge.

14132181016801The trailer contained a load of milo, a grain sorghum commonly used as feed for birds or deer. The milo was reportedly being taken to a local hunting plantation.

The truck was attempting to manuever through the curve onto the onramp when the trailer hitch broke and the trailer tipped over on its side, according to Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Pat Bryant.

About half of the trailer’s load spilled out onto a stretch of about 15 feet long on the bypass.

City of Bainbridge employees arrived with a front end loader, which was used to push all of the spilled grain into piles. Then the piles were scooped up with the front end loader and deposited into the back of pickup trucks.

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