Logue Brothers open unique furniture store in Bainbridge

City of Bainbridge leaders and citizens helped the Logue Brothers, Jason and Lamon, open their new furniture store on Calhoun Street in Bainbridge

Jason and Lamon Logue grew up in Decatur County, but pursued other careers before developing the vision of a unique furniture store in Bainbridge.

Logue Brothers Furniture, now open on Calhoun Street in downtown Bainbridge, specializes in solid, all-wood furniture that is high quality and hand-crafted. Some of the furniture they showcase has a rustic feel, with pieces looking like they might belong at a hunting lodge or in a farm house. They carry traditional styles of furniture, as well, but the overall goal is to deliver sturdy furniture that is going to last, Jason Logue said.

Both brothers come from a family that is well-known locally for expertise in welding and woodwork.

Jason has a background in antique furniture, and has also worked as a part-time carrier for the U.S. Postal Service for several years.

Lamon grew up in Decatur County but was away from Bainbridge for a while when he served in the U.S. Army from 1991-2005. He came home a couple of years ago, and the brothers started talking about starting a business together.

14126247569201“In some big-name furniture stores, the furniture is usually made out of particle board or compressed board with coating,” Jason said. “If you accidentally scratch the table with your car keys, it’s very difficult to repair.”

Whereas the Logue Brothers’ furniture is made in Texas using all solid wood, it can be sanded out or smoothed to repair flaws and stained more easily, to match the color of wood flooring.

The quality extends to the construction of the all-wood chairs–the chair backs are connected to the seat using tongue-and-groove joints as well as glue. Most commonly-sold chairs are only connected with glue, according to Lamon.

Logue_Brothers_Sign“Everyone has pieces of furniture that have been handed down within the family over the years because it was built the right way,” Jason said. “That’s what we hope to provide to our customers with what we offer for sale.”

The Logue Brothers also hope that people in the market for furniture will discover that oftentimes, better deals can be found by shopping locally instead of in a big city or online.

“The way we look at it, when customers come in, they are the backbone of our store,” Jason said. “When people shop local, we can conform to what they want.”

The Logue Brothers also have a number of metal work, some of it imported from Mexico and Portugal. The metal sculptures used recycled metal from autos and other sources to make recognizable shapes and pieces.

Some of the pieces that have already been sold include a Mexican cowboy with a guitar, a six-foot-tall ear of corn and a six-foot-tall watermelon. The brothers can also order custom-made metal pieces for customers.

The store also has lamps and other home decor.


Logue Brothers Furniture

402 E. Calhoun Street
Bainbridge, GA 39817
(229) 220-9544 or (813) 838-5892

Logue Brothers Furniture on Facebook


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