Jones-Wheat Elementary school almost ready to open – see our new photos!

14117638648252The formal dedication of the new Jones-Wheat Elementary School on Shotwell Street in Bainbridge will be from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept.28.

At 2 p.m. there will be a dedication ceremony in the school’s gym with several speakers and students presenting. Then from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. there will be a reception in the cafeteria and people can tour the facility at their leisure.

The first day for students in the new Jones-Wheat Elementary School is October 9, 2014.

Read up about all of the school’s features, and scroll below to see a gallery of photos taken on Friday morning.


Jones-Wheat Facts

  • 94,138 square feet heated space
  • 2,343 square feet mechanical mezzanine
  • 4,133 square feet exterior canopies and entrances
  • Total construction area 100,614 square feet
  • Total construction cost $12,495,000.00
  • Cost per square foot $124.19
  • 42 classrooms equipped with the most current technology, SMART video projectors and built-in sound system, 379 computers installed in the building
  • Total capacity of 750 students (currently Jones-Wheat has an enrollment of about 500 students)
  • Two fully-equipped computer labs
  • One tablet lab equipped with TabPilot technology
  • STEM lab equipped with latest technology and outside access area
  • Music classroom with latest technology and built-in sound system
  • Media center with classroom area, video projector, recessed screen and built-in sound system. Glass-block-enclosed reading center where teachers can take their classes for story time without disturbing other students in the library.
  • Gym with air conditioning, full basketball court, retractable bleachers, stage and lighting, sound system, rear video projector and recessed screen. Seating capacity 1,100. Bleacher capacity 568.
    • The gym is also equipped with a special air scrubbing system that in the event of a toxic environmental issue outside the school, such as a tanker truck spill, students and teachers could go in the gym and be under the protection of clean-filtered air.
  • Cafeteria has two serving lines, teacher dining room, sound system, video projector and recessed screen. Seating capacity 325.
  • Five centralized print stations throughout the facility.


Safety features

  • All glass is laminated to include two layers of glass with a plastic film between them.
  • Extensive camera and security monitoring system to cover interior and exterior.
  • All major exterior doors have electric keypad locks for teacher access from the exterior.
  • All classroom door have intruders locks that can be locked from the inside of the classroom.
  • All classrooms have emergency call stations.
  • The front entrance is fully secured and monitored with controlled access.
  • Administrative offices have the ability to lockdown the building and send emergency notifications instantly throughout the facility.
  • There is an emergency generator that runs the gym’s air scrubber system, emergency lighting, data, cooler/freezers and some kitchen equipment.
  • The gym and rear restroom areas have an air scrubber system to provide clean, safe and filtered air during an emergency situation.
  • Two separate gated entrances for buses and parent pickup/drop-off
  • Entire campus has a security fence with gated entrances.


Energy-saving items

  • Motion sensors on all lighting
  • Corridors, gym, lunchroom and media center lighting are on a computerized low-voltage system
  • All heating and air conditioning units are on a digital control system with set points to ensure they do not run after hours and they start up before school each day.
  • Lighting fixtures used in the project are designed to reduce the amount of heat produced in the building



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