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At 3 a.m. on Monday, August 18, Bainbridge Public Safety officer Chris Avery was dispatched to the Stop and Buy Convenience Store at 835 Dothan Road in Bainbridge in reference to an alarm going off.

Arriving at the store, Officer Avery observed an open gate leading behind the store, and walked around the store to investigate. At the rear of the building, Avery saw a crow bar and several ten dollar bills lying on top of an air conditioner unit. In addition, metal and duct work leading from the A/C unit to the store were also lying on the ground.

Other officers arrived and waited for the store owner to unlock the store, however there was no one inside. The burglar gained entry into the store by climbing through a hole where the A/C unit was connected to the building.

According to an incident report, the store’s security video shows a black male, wearing black pants and a blue long-sleeved shirt kick in the door to the store’s office and rummage through the office. The suspect used a crow bar to take cash from two separate cash registers.

A sizable amount of cash was reported stolen from the registers.

Anyone with more information about the burglary at the Stop and Buy Store at 835 Dothan Road in Bainbridge is asked to call Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Chris Jordan at (229) 248-2038.



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