Newly elected county commissioner would have waited on votes to reappoint officials

In this interview, conducted June 26 , Decatur County Commissioner-elect Pete Stephens comments on the current county commissioners’ decision to vote early on an 18-month extension of the county administrator’s and county attorney’s contracts.

Some, including county commissioner Russell Smith, have said the votes were inappropriately timed, asit was done without the input of three new county commissioners who will take office in January 2015. Normally, according to Smith, commissioners vote on renewing appointed officials’ contracts at the first meeting of each year, after a new chairman and vice-chairman are sworn in.

In interviews conducted last week, Stephens and District 1 commissioner-elect George Anderson both said they would have liked for the current board of commissioners to forego the re-appointment votes until January. In a separate interview, Rusty Davis, who is a candidate for the District 4 county commissioner seat, also said he would have liked to give input on the reappointments. Davis will face Joe Putnal in the November general election; one of the two men will succeed current commissioner Frank Loeffler.

Also in the five-minute-long interview, Stephens talks about how he is getting ready to serve on the board of commissioners and what issues he wants to work on first.

We will post the interviews with Anderson and Davis within the next couple of days, and we are also attempting to reach Putnal for interview.

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