Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest and Multiple Charges

On Thursday, September 8, Sharon Hilbert was arrested by Bainbridge Public Safety and charged with Speeding, Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, Drugs not in the Original Container, and Expired Tag.

According to the  Bainbridge Public Safety Incident Report ,Officer McMillan originally made a traffic stop on Hilbert for speeding. McMillan asked Hilbert for her license, and she stated that she did not have her license with her. McMillan then asked Hilbert if she had a license and she stated that she did. McMillan ran her information, and her license were suspended.

Officer McMillan asked Hilbert to step out of the vehicle, and was placed in handcuffs behind her back.

As Officer McMillan began conducting an inventory on the vehicle, he found five unknown white pills and three unknown yellow pills, in several different places of the truck.

Sharon Hilbert was arrested and transported to Bainbridge Public Safety Headquarters.


Written By: Briana Mills


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