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Peanut growers worry about unintended impact of farm bill

 — In the heart of the nation’s peanut zone, farmers are putting substantially more runners into the ground than they did last year. And in the eyes of some industry experts, that boom might spell doom.

“Runner peanuts” are used to make peanut butter _ not the bigger nuts you’ll find at the ballpark – and they’re the most prevalent of the types of peanuts grown in the United States. Overall peanut acreage is expected to be up substantially this year, around 30 percent more than last year throughout the nation’s 10 peanut-growing states.

“I gave a speech to the Georgia Bankers Association a few weeks ago in which I described the possible problem as the ‘peanut apocalypse,’ ” said Allen Olson, a lawyer who specializes in farm issues in southern Georgia.


Cairo Post Office $90K Marijuana Bust

A dope delivery worth some serious dough gets two men in trouble.

According to police, on Monday, approximately $90,000 worth of marijuana was confiscated at the Cairo Post Office. The Postal Inspector, Cairo Police Department, Thomasville Police Department and the Brooks County Canine Unit were all called to the scene to investigate.

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Tired Creek dam project expected to be finished this year (WALB-TV)


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