Spotlight on Local Business: Reeve’s Gifts, Jewelry, and More

In our latest edition of Sowega Live’s Spotlight on Local Business, we talked with Shae Brouillet and Amanda Rentz about their Business, Reeve’s Gifts, Jewelry, and More.

The Story

Tom and Gloria Reeves owned Reeve’s Linens and Gifts for 44 years.  For more than four decades, Reeves has been apart of Bainbridge, and is one of the most popular stores in the historic downtown.  In 2017, the Reeves sold the business to Shae Brouillet and Amanda Rentz, who met about twenty years ago working at another local retail establishment. These two women became very close, almost like family.

“We grew up together in that business, and now we are each other’s family” Shae says in our in-depth interview.

So how did it happen? Shae and Amanda stressed that they were not looking to buy a business or even run one. The topic came up casually that Reeves was possibly for sale, and Shae says she “jokingly” asked Amanda to go in and buy Reeve’s with her. Amanda replied with “Sure” joking right back, not really knowing what they were getting themselves into. In a matter of weeks, they were the proud new owners of Reeve’s Gifts, Jewelry, and More.

July 5th will mark two years of them owning the business.  While they had their own vision for the store when they took over, they didn’t want to change much.  In fact, they wanted to keep it the way it had been for the past 44 years (for the most part). And Tom and Gloria Reeves were very confident in selling the business to Shae and Amanda. Gloria even made the comment to the Post Searchlight, “The two women compliment each other and will do well.”

Like the Reeves before them, Shae and Amanda believe that customer service is key. They believe in making customers feel welcome and special, because without customers, you have no business. In order to work for them, you have to be a people-person. You have to have a good attitude and be willing to help others.

The Store

Shae and Amanda consider Reeve’s to be more of a gift shop than a boutique. They have a wide selection of inventory that covers all ages, ranging from babies to people in retirement.  And they’re not just any gift shop – they want to be different. Almost every item Reeves carries is part of a “give back” program. These “give back” programs are designed so that when you buy that item, a portion of the proceeds go to a charity or foundation.  Reeves is also well known for their many different registries, ranging from expecting mothers, soon-to-be brides, and high school seniors (in a long standing tradition, graduating seniors write their names on the front windows in a colorful display after registering).  Their signature gift wrapping is included in every purchase and their “big Reeves bows” always turn heads.  Amanda and Shae love getting to be a part of those special moments and meeting new people with special stories.

“It’s fun too, you know, when people will come in and they’re excited to buy that special gift for someone” — Amanda Rentz, co-owner of Reeves Gifts, Jewelry and More

Reeves Gifts, Jewelry and More is located on the historic downtown square in Bainbridge, overlooking Willis Park and is open Monday through Friday 10am – 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am until 3.


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